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Making a Difference: Least of My Brethren

For 2023, Least of My Brethren has been selected as GPR’s charity. And, thanks to our generous members, GPR was able to donate to Least of My Brethren the raffle proceeds from the Annual Winter Party, which amounted to $1520. Thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket!

Mike Anderson (far right) presents raffle proceeds from the Annual Winter Party to staff at Least of My Brethren on January 25th.

Watch for more opportunities to help this wonderful charity all year long.

Here is more information about Least of My Brethren:

Least of My Brethren

We are a group of volunteers from the Omaha & Council Bluffs metros looking to make a difference with our charity for the homeless. If you would like to help, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or consider Making A Donation! Questions? Please view our FAQ.

We work to help the homeless in the Omaha Metro to get a meal, get an apartment, find a job and anything else we can help. Whether it be our monthly breakfast, donated items such as coats, socks, tents, bikes (to get to interviews), or furniture for their new apartment, Least of My Brethren is working to better the situation for the homeless here in the Omaha & Council Bluffs Metros. If you have additional questions about our homeless charity goals, please contact us!

Least of My Brethren has three areas of focus:
First, we host a “Breakfast Feed Downtown”. Once a month, we will have a breakfast from 7- 11 am on Saturday. We are looking for 5-6 people who would buy, prepare, and serve the breakfast to 75 or so people. Equally, we need help collecting adult bikes and people who would be willing to distribute them during the breakfast.
Contact: Mitch Wendlandt: (402) 740-6179 [email protected]

Second, we “Assist people living outside”. We simply need items that assist in basic survival such as… tents, tarps, sleeping bags, large size socks, underwear, adult size bicycle w/ padlock, toilet paper, bug spray, etc. Anything that others might need when living outside.
Contact: Bill or Celeste Baumert: (402) 332-5201 [email protected]

Third, our goal is to “Provide help moving someone off the streets into an apartment”. All the items are donated to us each week. We need people with vehicles to pick up furnishings, deliver and help setup. We move people every Saturday.
Contact: Dave Harvey: (402) 681-5424 [email protected]