As of January 1, 2021, SA2015 or newer helmets will be required for all DE events. SA2010 helmets are no longer permitted.

As of January 1, 2019, DE Drivers and passengers in cars with 5/6 point harness systems must also use a certified Head & Neck restraint device (e.g. HANS).

Please view the new GPR DE Registration and Refund Policy placed in effect on 6/6/2016.

What is Driver’s Education?

Welcome to Driver’s Education, also called Track Events. The mission and purpose of the Porsche Club of America’s Driver’s Education Program is to provide a safe, structured and controlled teaching and learning environment. The PCA DE Program is designed so that participants can improve their driving abilities and acquire a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and driving safety. Participants will experience first-hand the capabilities of high performance automobiles in a controlled, closed-course environment and acquire skills that will enhance safer vehicle operation in all driving situations.

The Great Plains Region Porsche Club runs DE events from May to October at Raceway Park of the Midlands (formerly Mid America Motorplex) in Pacific Junction, Iowa, and Motorsport Park Hastings in Hastings, Nebraska. GPR will run both one and two day events with a novice/instructed run group available for each. Check out our events calendar to see if there are driving events coming up.

We currently have an excellent article written by Sandy Steckman about the “DE Experience”. We also have driving handbooks for both RPM and MPH, if you would like to learn more about these tracks or about a DE weekend in general.

You can also watch the DE101 PowerPoint presentation and download the DE safety guidelines and the tech inspection form (updated March 2022).

Learning Curves: High Performance Drivers Education

Three Laps of Raceway Park of the Midlands