Fun Runs

What is a Fun Run?

Three or four times a year the Great Plains Region holds Driving Tours, or “Fun Runs”, for members. These are pre-planned routes that are either one way, “point to point” routes, or “out and back” routes. On occasion, we hold an overnight fun run with a dinner that participants really like.

Fun Runs start at a single location, with the location dependent on the route of the fun run. Typical routes are developed to avoid congested areas that will enable the group to stay together and with enjoyable roads (lots of curves and scenery) that one would not typically travel on. Often, the drive ends at a great lunch location or point of interest.

These events are a great way to meet other club members, see their cars, and of course have an excuse to do nothing but drive your Porsche. (We do allow other vehicles.)

Some highlights of what to expect before and during a Fun Run:

  • As Fun Runs are planned, please confirm your participation with the organizer.
  • Do basic car check: tire pressure, oil level, full tank of gas, minor spare parts to bring etc.
  • Day of the Fun Run check for any changes due to weather etc.
  • When you arrive at the starting point:
    • Check in with the Fun Run leader. They will have waivers to sign. Everyone in the car must sign a waiver form. Minors must have a waiver signed by their parents.
    • No waivers – No Participation.
  • Tour leader will hold a safety briefing (as with all PCA events, your safety is the key objective) that will cover:
    • The route, starting and ending points, length, duration, and mid-point stop if needed.
    • Driving speed expectations.
    • What to do if you get split from the group, break down etc.
    • Any key points to look for along the way.
    • They will identify the leader and car, mid-point car/driver, if needed, and the sweeper car/driver.
    • Leader, mid-point and sweeper cars will have radios and two occupants to stay in communication with each other.
    • Additional radios may be distributed – it’s always good to hear the banter back and forth.
  • Most of all, have fun and check out the look on folks’ faces as a line of great looking Porsches drive by.

Here is what a fun run looks like for those of you interested in giving it a try:

The PCA Formal Definition of a Driving Tour

A driving tour is an organized event in which participants gather at a start point defined on the PCA event insurance certificate. All participants sign liability waivers and depart in a group or groups consisting of both a lead and a sweeper car(s) driving the specified route, ending in a group or groups at the location identified on the insurance certificate. PCA coverage is only in effect for the route defined by the start point and end point on the insurance certificate and driven by the participants who have signed waivers for that driving tour. Participants who intentionally separate themselves from the group are considered to have left the driving tour and may no longer be covered under PCA insurance.