Club Racing

The Largest Single-Marque Racing Series in the World

PCA Club Racing turned 32 years old in 2023 featuring more than 2,000 licensed racers and 27 sanctioned races, more than any other single-make racing organization in the world. PCA Club Racing was established around guiding principles that remain true today:

  • It provides a class for all Porsche sports cars
  • Fun, safe and clean racing
  • Uniform organization and operation

Club Racing was designed to be a rewarding experience anywhere on the grid and at any position during a race. Its goal is to provide an ideal transition from the DE experience to the next level track experience for PCA members and their cars. This is racing for fun not for fame.

The Great Plains Region “Carrera GT Club Race” is 31 years old and is currently held at Motorsports Park Hastings in Hastings, NE. The 2024 race is slated for May 17-19. Our club is proud to have 4 racers on the circuit. If you are interested in participating in Club Racing we would be happy to introduce you to our racers and help you initiate your application. The events of the “Club Race” are not just for racers. The “Club Race“ also has a DE for Advanced Drivers and a wonderful Saturday night social. All GPR Club members are invited to attend and experience the high level racing, drive in the DE and/or attend the social. The drive is roughly 2 hours, 15 minutes from Omaha to MPH. It goes pretty quick when you are cruising in a Porsche. The sights and sounds of a Club Race are thrilling. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the fun you will have!