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For Sale

4 Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position tires.

F: 235/45/18 mid-2015 dates
R: 265/45/18 mid-2016 dates

Good tires for track days.


18″ Boxster S OEM wheels. Powder coated black. No curb rash, 1 tiny chip on 1 wheel. No center caps. Would work well for track day wheels. Includes TPMS but unsure how much life is left.

F: 8×18 57et
R: 9×18 43et

$800 obo

4 Bridgestone RE-71R track tires. Good for 3-4 more DE weekends.

F: 235/40/18
R: 275/35/18


Contact Terry Lessmann using the form below or at 531-777-4303