Instructions for Mac and iPhone/iPad Users

To Subscribe to Our Calendar From Your Mac

  1. Click this link: webcal://
  2. Click “Allow” when your browser asks if you want to allow this page to open “Calendar”.
  3. Calendar will open with the link pre-filled, click “Subscribe”
  4. You can choose to rename or select a custom color for your calendar, and change the auto-refresh frequency. We recommend “Every day” or “Every week”. Then click “OK”.
  5. The calendar will now show up in Calendar on your Mac. Also, if you have iCloud syncing enabled, it will also automatically show up on your iPhone, etc.

To Subscribe to Our Calendar From Your iPhone/iPad

  1. Tap this link: webcal://
  2. When it asks “Open this page in “Calendar”?” tap “Open”
  3. Tap “Subscribe” when it asks “Subscribe to the calendar “Great Plains Region PCA”?”
  4. Tap “View Events” or “Done” when you see the message “The Calendar “Great Plains Region PCA” has been added”.
  5. You are now subscribed to the GPR calendar. (Note that this method will ONLY subscribe you on this device, not across all your iCloud-synced devices like above.)