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RPM Track Update as of 9/2/2019

Main back to T14 & track in

Rick and Joe went out to RPM this morning to check on the condition of the track and agreed that the track is in good enough condition to proceed with our Oct. 12 DE plans. Their clean-up efforts continue to show improvement and we are confident that there is adequate clean space for the paddock area.

RPM Report:

  • Overall track condition is good. Completed 2 full track circuits – during the first stopped at each major corner to inspect curbing (inside and outside) and run-off areas.
  • Curbing is in good shape and run off areas (T1, T3, T5 & 6, T7 & 8, T9 & T14) have been mowed back some and the ground is firm in these areas.
  • There was standing water on the inside of T-8 and the outside of T-9.
  • Also of note, this is after a good overnight rain and these are areas we see water after a good rain storm
  • There is standing water in a couple of the infield areas (smaller than a 5-6 weeks ago, but still there). These are in-side of T1, between the 4-5 and 6-7 straights.
  • Track overall is clean – no mud or debris – no major cracks or holes etc….other than what we seen before. There are new asphalt patches going into turn 3.

2nd track run was done at Parade lap(ish) speed.

  • Track line was good, standing water noted above had to be dealt with and the run through T-12 thru T-14 (infront of the Grand Stands) felt rougher than usual so I’m thinking there are new track surface variations there now.

Both track exit and track in road sections are in OK shape. Track exit was never very good so you still need to take this slow. Track entrance has to be taken on the right side and is a little rougher now so I don’t think this can be taken under hard acceleration until you are past the Starter/Checker station there.

The Paddock:

  • The track entrance road is very drivable – But you cannot cut across the main paddock area as this is still covered in very slippery mud.
  • Access to the concrete pad area is OK on the left side and good on the right side (Staging road next to the concession stand)
  • Concrete pads are in very good shape.
  • Staging lanes on the left and right side of the concession stand are in very good shape – This is where we would recommend folks with trailers park as it is solid and level, leaving the concrete pad area for single cars.
  • The grid lane on the right side next to the Grandstands is in good shape, but the left side is rough so we would need to Grid up in a single line on the right side.

Here are some pictures for reference: