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RPM Track Update as of 7/21/2019


Joe Chambers had the following update on the current status of RPM after the recent floods:

A few of us went down and drove RPM Saturday morning. I’m very pleased to say that there is still a track out there. They have done a good job getting it cleaned off, but there is still some work to be done. I was driving at about 80% and felt comfortable. It was fun! There is still some dirt in some of the corners and some weeds are growing in the cracks. I have attached a video that shows you what it looks like. You will notice the track is fairly weed free up to turn 8. That’s as far as they have gotten with the roundup and weed whackers. It won’t take a lot to get the rest of the weeds off of there. Some shovels and brooms could get some of the corners squared away. 

And here is the video: