Important Notice Regarding Drivers Attendance at the “Drivers’ Meeting” Before EACH GPR DE Event

The Drivers’ Meeting, per PCA rules, is required before each DE event held by the Great Plains Region. Review of PCA rules, safety procedures, track notes, and potential schedule changes are presented during the morning meeting to ensure all drivers have a safe and enjoyable DE experience. To help ensure attendance, the “Tech Inspection” sticker, which is required for a car to “Grid Up” and enter the track, will be now be distributed to drivers at the conclusion of the drivers’ meeting.

The new procedure will be:

  • Cars are still required to pass tech prior to the drivers’ meeting. Tech will open at 7:00 am and close just prior to the drivers’ meeting. The signed tech form will still be collected after a successful tech inspection. Any existing/old tech stickers will be removed during the inspection process.
  • Forms will be placed in an alphabetical Tech Folder for quick access.
  • At the conclusion of the drivers’ meeting, the current DE event Tech Sticker will be distributed to drivers upon verification of their tech form in the Tech Folder.
  • Drivers who arrive late, or miss the drivers’ meeting, will need to find the Safety Officer to have their car inspected and/or receive a briefing on the drivers’ meeting, at which time the Tech Inspection sticker will be issued. At this time it will be the driver’s responsibility to locate the Safety Officer for this review.

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